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Windows 3.1


MS-DOS 2.0
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So I got a bit nostalgic and I've decided I want to remake my old 486 DX machine. ;) The problem, however, is the fact that these old 3.5" disks that held a lot of this software that I own outright have since decayed in a flurry of bad sectors--it was bound to happen, right? Well, I've since relocated a copy of MS-DOS 6.22, and I even relocated a copy of Geoworks 2.0 (anyone remember that OS?), but the trouble now is good old Windows 3.1.

First off, is there a way to get replacement disks without having to rebuy the program? Or is there a place to download it? I know that #2 is a wee bit "shady," but I don't think that there are tons of people running out to get Win 3.1, because it is so old...and, besides, I do own a copy; the disks just rotted on me.

Any solutions?


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