windows 2003 server downloads slow


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8 Jan 2004
might be a dumb question to ask but here we go ..

running 2003 server std edtion I seem to have some type of service that is running that is killing my ethernet connection. when I try to do a http download I only see 200k max. with the same setup on windows xp I see 1000k+ ( im on a 10mbit connection) is there somthing I am over looking in the network connections that would casue this problem. any help would be great !


is this a production machine (websites, ftp etc) or just for home. What services do you have enabled??
this is just a workstation at work no odd services are running. this is just a basic install with windows updates.
besides the fact youre running a server instead of professional... were you ever able to get faster d/l's What kind of connection do you have?? Have you checked for spyware on this machine?? If not try spybot.
Its not the connection. I hang 2 hops from a oc12. I just checked for spyware and came up with just cookie spyware. Could there be a service that casue's this issue have you ever heard of this problem ?
you could be throttled since youre running a server and are not payiing for it. Some cable companies will do that. What are the processes looking like. Whats connected to you (netstat -a from the cmd prompt) anything interesting??
could be an upstream router problem... just a thought
check with your provider then. sounds like something may be wrong with a router.
but you dont supply the upstream... who does? Or its a network issue related to a router or a firewall.
This is going no where. Thank you for the replays and your input.
PseudoKiller said:
but you dont supply the upstream... who does? Or its a network issue related to a router or a firewall.

Ok let's go over this one more time. I work for the isp. Granted our backbones are supplied by someone else but the oc-12's are no where near being pegged. If i unplug this win2k3 box and plug in an xp box, there's no problems at all. I even tried putting the ethernet card from the xp box into the win2k3 box and it's still not working. There's nothing wrong with the bandwidth, there's no throttling being done. It's an issue related to this os. If anyone has any ideas that aren't completely retarded, please let me know.
sorry .. I will be sure not to suggest my retarded ideas to you again. just was trying to shoot out some ideas for you. I guess you got what you paid for.
I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, but its like going to get your car fixed and you tell the guy at the counter that there is a loud noise coming from your muffler and he intern says I think you need your oil changed...

do you see where I am gettin at ?
yeah but you pay the mechanic. I like to see what service you get when call him retarded.
You didnt offer hardly any info in the beginning.
BTW... I was a Sys Admin for an ISP.
I am done with this thread ... good luck to you in your quest.
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Electronic Punk said:
There was no need for that.

What there was no need for is the lame excuses that people were giving as help. You know as well as I do that this place has smart people in it. "Oh it must be your provider, they're blocking you or throttling your connection". Those answers are completely bogus, canned responses to people when they complain of bandwith issues. This whole thread is worthless for the pure fact that no one tried to help and then complained when they were called on it.

PseudoKiller said:
BTW... I was a Sys Admin for an ISP.
If that's true then you know that the responses you gave are bull. He clearly told you that an xp box worked fine on the same connection yet you continued on the "check with your provider blah blah blah" route. If you ask me there's some people on this forum that have a god complex.

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