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Admiral Michael

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19 Feb 2003
Hey All,

I recently installed Windows 2003 Server and tried using remote desktop conencting. It has it just like XP. However when I log in, I actually log in as the same user but anoter session. In XP it would lock the comkp put and show me whats currently happenin.

I remeber on the front page a registry key for XP to allow this, at least I think.

I would like to get the XP method more.

Well, Admiral.

What did you do, I am kind of interested....

Unleashed said:
What did you do, I am kind of interested....

I went into folder options, file types. I opened the properties for RDP and click advanced. Click on Connect then Edit. under application used to prefom use this path

mstsc.exe "%l" /console

and there you go!

Sry I didnt post the solution, it was late and I needed to sleep cuz I had an early class the next day.

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