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Hello, i know that this board is about win xp, but... i have this problem installing windows 2000 on a 133 mhz 48 mb ram, with 2.1 gig hard drive.

The current operating system is windows 95, and i want to upgrade it to windows 2000 professional. Them problem is that, the whole system in general has become so unstable, it can't even keep winamp running without crashing and blue screens every few minutes. It's been this unstable for quite some time, especially ever since the time there was a big storm, and 'somehow', the power flickered and 'somehow' it surged electricity through my power bar/surge protector, and 'somehow' cause some components and parts of the motherboard to screw up... I had to reconfig some of the bios stuff, the irq configs and all, and redirect com ports. Now, the only thing that it seems to have a problem with is the disk drive. No matter wat, i can't get it to work.

Now... i want to install windows 2000 pro, after i insert my cd key and click next a few times, it just STOPS, stop reading the cd rom, and stops progressing, or, a blue screen will pop up and it'll exit the setup.

Since my disk drive doesn't work, i can't install from the boot disks like i did with my friend, which worked fine.

Does anyone have any alternate suggestions to installing windows 2000? Any help would be appreciated, thx


When you say your disk drive... Do you mean your hard disk or your cd rom?!?... With the cd-rom there's no way to install,,, you'd at least need to copy the cd to your hard drive... If your hard drive is bad then of course you'll need to get a new one,,, Or trying a low level format, which may kill the HD in the process,,, something which has not[/b[ happened to me...

If your current OS is that unstable than I would'nt bother with an upgrade,,, just a clean install...

However the whole thing's pretty moot since 2k ain't gonna like that system...


as in..... i have a hard drive with win 95 installed... and i wanna install windows 2000 from the cd

well... the reason why i'm upgrading to win 2k because it's very stable.... unlike win 95, which is unstable, which i want to get rid of


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You might rething upgrading to are BELOW the bare MINIMUM for 2k to run..let alone run good...2k wants atleast 64mb of only have 48...your gonna have some severe performance issues using 2k probably even if you do make it through the install. your CPU is also right at minimum lvl =/


yes, i realize
that's why i choose not to install xp, even more ram requirement....

but anything than windows 95!!!!!!!
i want something stable!!!!!! and will work as a file server! i know that the 9x and ME series windows's performance will degrade after some long uptimes... but i have different views with windows 2000.

Is there someway to install off a network folder or soemthing?

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