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Windows 2000 or XP?


Hail to the King, Baby!
Alright. I have been using XP for a while now, and its starting to make me sick. Ive changed back to the classic theme, but i still long for the old windows setup (not to mention my printer/scanner work in perfect unison in all windows but xp). Also, I dont want to have both installed. With my slow processor (Athlon 700) and video card (gf2mx) will i get better fps with windows 2000? Should I give in to temptation?


I may actually be insane.
theevilsithlord, i was having the same idea a few weeks back, but after switching back i realised how much better xp actually is!
i'd just stick with xp for now.

= Indy =

I went back to Win2000 after a while too.

Its needs less CPU and RAM to run, is rock solid stable, has much less bloatware, and doesn't need any activation crap.

I dont think you'll get any faster fps in 2k, although it will run your games perfectly, and also now has compatibility mode.

Its down to personal preferance really, but I'd try it and see.

You can always go back if your not satisfied. :D


xp and 2k are built on the same kernell, one just has more perks then the other, but 2k is not a game system at least imo, But give it a whirl you might get more bang for you buck since it wont eat up as many resourses as XP. BC i have noticed on older PC XP wont handle that well especialy if you only have 128m of ram:D


Windows 2000 every time. I used XP Pro for about a month, but got sick of hardware compatibility issues (especially with my Gametheater XP sound card). I installed 2000 again with SP3 and everything works like a dream, games and all. In my opinion the only thing that XP has over 2000 is looks, but even that comes down to personal taste. 2000 will never be toppled !!!!

Bob S

I run both on separate drives. XP Pro for my daughter and her games and also for my wife, because she likes the glitz. The run W2000 Pro for me. I like W2000 better. the only drawback is we all know support (upgrades) will go away in the near future (2003).


It's a matter of preference. I like XP. But I don't have any problems falling back to my W2k Pro license should something happen to my XP install.

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