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This may be a daft question, and I apologise if its been done to death.

But why does no-one here seem to use windowblinds?

I adore WB. It's so easy to change the way my desktop looks. More importantly for me, there are often matching skins for the other two apps I use most often - ICQ (with icq plus) and winamp.

It's also supported by Microsoft as the way to change XP's appearance and doesn't require changing dlls or anything.


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windows blinds I tried out on win2k... never liked it then... resource hog and buggy... and am not going to use it now with my lubly jubly win xp :)

if you like it... feel free... others might like it too...

fact I don't use it doesn't mean squat...

I don't use windowblinds because of the same reason as Sazar99, when I did use it, it used all of my resources. Maybe the program is better now.

The reason why it is slow is because window blinds is a Skinning engine that redirects the information back to window blinds.

Another simular program that most people use is Style XP which uses Microsoft's built-in skinning engine and tends to be much faster.

Thats my 2 cents.



I have used Windowblinds for years, and after the trial on StyleXP ran out, I have went back to it. I like the ability to apply skin, wall, sounds, icons, etc. all together.

Yeah, it eats a bit more mem, but I got enough...;)

-also, it is the only thing I have found so far that will skin the SETI driver-:rolleyes:


Weird.. I find no slow down at-all when using the rest of my sys, with wb loaded????!

guess I'm lucky!


I agree. No slowdown here at all. Have you guys who had slowdown tried version 3.3 at all?

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