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4 May 2008
Hi Guys,
Here is 2nd tweak from my side for window user. But this time for Window XP users. Some of the features which I like in vista and wanted to have in window XP is thumbnails. In this features when you put mouse over the taskbar it will show you preview (thumbnails). I will tell you how to get this features in Window xp.

I don't know how to insert picute here so i m just writing my tweak into word document and inserting as an attaachment. If anyone know hot to insert picute here in forum plz let me know. I am new to forum and this is my first forum which i joined.


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Here's what's in the word file.

Actually this will require a utility which is Visual Tooltip, Which is hybrid doc / thumbnail application. With a few tweaks to the setting, We can make it work just like Vista thumbnails.
Here’s is what it will look like ( eg in my desktop).. good isn’t it !!!
Initially after installation thumbnail will be very small. If you want to make your thumbnails look the same as mind, you have to follow some more steps. First download and install the application then right click on the application from tray icon and choose option button. Then increase the size of sliders to make the thumbnail bigger, You can also uncheck the option for “Size proportional to the target window”.


Click on the Display tab, and then uncheck the "Show window title"


This is the link from where you can download Visual tooltip 2.1 (
So tell me how does it look ???
If you like this tweak then be ready to have one more tweak.. Does anybody ever wondered that “is that possible to make window operating system to look like MAC OS”. I will try to post my next tweak on that.. sounds interesting isn’t it. If you like my work pleas leave comment.

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