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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by prinsipe, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. prinsipe

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    Is this the best windows cleaning utility?
  2. chris

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    I've never had any problems using it. Always seems to do a good job, I havent used any alternatives so I cant compare it
  3. Vorpal

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    It sucks, they all suck. They put overhead on your system.

    There is only one good answer: Norton Ghost.

    Learn to make a series of images started at the first desktop hit after an installation. The last image of the series should be your system with all drivers installed and every APP/GAME you normally use. Install games on another drive to avoid backing up savegames.

    If my system ever starts feeling "funny" I just backup: Favorites, My Docs, and email into a backup folder on another drive and resotre a Ghost image.

    A 3Gig OS partition takes about 15-20 minutes to backup or restore.
  4. Vector_One

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    I don't think it sucks. I think it's actually a very convenient utility. I don't use it personally, but I use a very similar program called Tracks Eraser Pro. They both do the same things (clean temp files, web cache, mtu values, etc). But it's nice to be able to click a couple of buttons, and have all the crap cleaned up.

    No overhead either. Tracks Eraser doesn't run continuously in the background. I'm not sure about Window Washer. It may have an option to auto-run at bootup, like TE does. But you can disable that.
  5. coathanger007

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    You might like to try freeware - AE software Cleandisk 2002
  6. phishhead

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    huh? do you know what windows washer does? it cleans the internet cookies, temps, recycle bin, WMP lists,slack space. Not sure what you mean by over head because there is none. I run it like once a day takes like 60secs to run and has cleaned up 2.5 gigs from my rig in the last 3 months.