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window size help!!!



every time i open a window (e.g internet explorer or windows explorer etc) it open as maximum. that is fine but the problem is the maximum setting os the window are so big that there are some bits inside which i cannot read as it is ouside the view of my monitor. i cant move my cursor over and make it smaller as my cursor wont go that far (i.e wide of the screen). the bottom and top of the windows are ok but the arrows dont seem to appear as well, even though there well inside the view of the monitor. Is there anyway through registry editor or otherwise that i can change the size of the maximum windows that open because i can't do it the conventional way (with arrows). (i could use restore down and use arrows to set it to cover my whole screen, but then i would not have a restore down option and all my windows would cover the whole screen)
OS is Win XP Pro


I'm not sure I can visualize your problem correctly, but two suggestions anyway. Firstly it seems to me this can happen if your screen-resolution is set too low, so you could try setting it a bit higher, which should bring the windows within sight. Secondly you may try to boot into Safe Mode, which should enable you to reach either top or bottom with the arrow. Pointing at either the topline or bottomline should bring up the doublearrow, which will enable you to pull the window-side up or down.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Also you can try this

Open two explorer windows (and nothing else) right click on the task bar and selecr "tile windows..." (it doesn't matter which way)

then close one of the windows.

You should then be able to grab one of the corners of the window, resize it to somthing respectable then close it. OPen it again and it should be


Absolutely correct. That's the easy way. Still, as my dear father always used to say: "Why do it the easy way, if you can also do it the difficult way?" :D

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