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Winding up webmastering - ethics also...


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I'm posting here because this is my primary forum and I know others here not only host their own sites, but webmaster for others at times....

Anyway - there is a site I have done for a friend of a friend.... all well and good so far.

Then today I get an email advising me of the news from her journal, where there is this link to the BBC news behind the issue involved.

So far all is clear enough, just about. I have replied and mentioned that I'm sad to hear this, that I intend to bow out from webmastering and remove my links and involvements in what has now become entirely her personal family domain.

Now at this point I just want to do things right - what I (and others, as I see it) think about things is irrelevant. You or I may feel we want the ACT people to be caught and stuff - but that is irreleveant to my concerns.

Of course I happen to hold all the adming credentials, passwords, and source code for her site. They are hosted by BeOne (thankfully, I think Lord might have issues at this point!). What I want to do is gently (no rush) pass to them all they need for the site to be theirs, and at the fional hand over have them change the password - or get it reset and emailed by BeOne.

There are at least two problems I foresee, leaving aside their expertise and ability to ftp etc ect. The first is will BeOne offer me the service to have a "password reset" that gets emailed to the owner of the domain, so that I am physically removed from being even able to webmaster (this way I cannot be held responsible if things get corrupted on the site - it wasn't me guv I can not only say, but prove). Now even if they do offer this service - I know (because I tried) that if the MySql master database password is changed it does not operate correctly - they have a control panel to do this change and if you use it you get locked out of the database and have to ask for a reset to the default (which is same as ftp, cp, etc access pw!). Just to complicate things this and other passwords are of course built into a few php script files.

Can anyone advise how they have dealt with anything like this - or their ideas for doing so?

Thanks for any time you put in on this - I think it raises some interesting "issues" we might all face.... Not a good ad for BeOne I know, but they should get their shizz together!


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Boo, the BBC site is blocked at work :eek:

If a customer is kicking you to the curb, I wouldn't use kid gloves when it comes to the seperation. Make a clean break, give them the password information and be done with it.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
...If a customer is kicking you to the curb....
not familiar with that phrase, but this is a friend of a friend - which makes it slightly more complicated (though your advice remains good). They have that password already, I really wanted to give them one (or have host do so) that was random generated - so that I am actually locked out of the site, cannot update it even if they ask me to!


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There is nothing I hate more than this situation. I assume you were providing services to these people for a fee.

If that is the case then you should do the professional thing. I would have changed the password or had the host change the password.

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