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ok i have posted this befor and i thought that i fixed it, when ever i play songs in winamp it skips in the MP3, people ahve said that it was the MP3 itself and i thought that i fixed it but it still happens, i have moved the MP3's to my laptop and they dont skip so it is my computer, i did a drfrag and it did not fox it, the same things happens in everything except for play center, but i dont like play center for other reasons. and i dont think it is a heat problem becasue my system runs at 20 c and the chip i at 20 c. does anyone know how i can fix this???????

specs are:
amd athlon 1ghz
896md sdram
30gb 5400rpm (main)
40gb 5400rpm (storage, mp3's)
gforce 2 mx200 64
creative audigty x gamer


it skip all the time or just sometimes? and which version of winamp u got there?

if it skips only sometimes it might be because of not enough resources, when system being overloaded with some other crap. or maybe it has something to do with settings in winamp go to winmaps preference then plug-ins and look around your input and output windows


i had the same problem with the soundblaster live 5.1 card. what it turned out to be was conflicting drivers between a controller, modem, old soundcard, and gaming port. i was able to fix this in some programs by setting them to use directsound instead of waveout. finally all my problems were solved when creative sent me my disc with the 98 drivers so i could take off the xp drivers. (yes i run 98 and i installed the xp drivers. it was all i had so i kinda had to.) if you call creative they will tell you that it is the timing on the pci slots so give that a try too if you want. hope this helps. :D

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