Winamp songviewer thingy script


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6 Mar 2002
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I hope you'll like it and please give feedback.

One more note: Thanks to j79zlr for the OS and browser part of the script.

One more note #2: You can use any music player you want, as long as there is a capability for it to submit URLs.
I'll look into getting an AppleScript to work with iTunes for it. :)
I am gonna have something to eat and then install this :)
I am working on a new interface for script updates etc. I did make a slight adjustment to the backend, it now logs your IP everytime you update a song. This for security purposes.
Could end up taking a lot of space (relative space, not gigs and gigs obviously :p) though.
What do you mean? When a song is updated, it replaces the previous record, so every user only uses one record.
No good, I still can't get dosomething working properly with Winamp5
That is really strange, Winamp 5 + DoSomething (downloadable from my site) work fine here. Could you tell me how you set it up? What version of DoSomething do you use
Glaanieboy said:
What do you mean? When a song is updated, it replaces the previous record, so every user only uses one record.
Ah, thought you where going to keep a huge list for each user.
No, I done that in the past just for myself, but I ended up having a giant cluttered database. I have learnt my lesson.
It says I can't login because of a wrong username/or password, and I am pretty sure I am using correct login details.
I have the latest version of Winamp5 and the version of dosomething from your site. It won't even generated the temporary html file :(
This is my configuration for DoSomething:
[Do Something]
Action0=Submit A URL
(change <YourUsername> and <YourPassword> of course ;))
You need to copy this in the plugin.ini file in the 'plugins' directory.
According to my database, your song has been updated (Megamind - Taub (Picotto Remix)) :confused: So I guess it worked.
Here is the image filename you need to use:

edit: See? ^^^ It works.
Yes, for some reason WindowBlinds (?!?!?) was causing problems.
I am working on a way of adding it to the top right image in my signature now ;)
I'm waiting for such a plugin for the Windows version of iTunes.

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