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winamp playlists...post them here!!!

Electronic Punk

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I have a magial talent for deleting my entire mp3 collection whenever it hits about 4 gigs, I have done it about 4 times now, but have started to back them up since :D ;)

Will whip up a list later, most of it is hard trance / trance / hard house... no wait... all of it is.


I have a special HD for mp3s :D
When the HD is full i just burn some cds ;) But that music goes to the shelves and stays there .. such a pitty for good music :\

Electronic Punk

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I am very much into my hard trance.
I starting proper hardcore clubbing about 14 months ago now, with my normal weekends clubbing going for 15 hours straight - and then going to the pub ;)

Met loads of my favorite DJs, including Mauro Picotto, DJ Tiesto, Nick Riley, Paul van Dyk, Judge Jules and Scott Bond.

I am goiung to see a four hour set by Scott Bond in 4 days, he is the guy who picks the c
tunes for the Gatecrasher CDs

I am a bit pissed off with the latest slew of dance tunes, they all seem very vocal and the new Riva tune with Dannii Minogue has destroyed an old Riva classic, blah.

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Hrm. Let's see here. Off the top of my head:
Dmitri from Paris - Monsieur Dmitri (It's like 15 tracks, but I'm too lazy to post all of them.)
A couple of Paul Van Dyk and DJ Tiesto essential mixes
Way Out West - Intensify
A Nick Warren set
The Orb - Auntie Aubrey's excursions beyond the ultraworld (Both disks! w00t!)

Oh, and whomever's met PvD, you sir, are now the target of my undying envy. The closest I've ever come was being right up by the stage in the DJ tent at Area:One. (mmmm.... Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Kevin Saunderson, The Orb and Rinocerose all in one football-field sized tent.....)

Electronic Punk

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Had a good chat with Tiesto, just shook PvDs hand :D
Picotto is my god tho.

I made a mobile phone logo for tiesto, sent it with SmartSMS

Tiesto loved it and signed my tshirt too, which I might scan in later...

Shover Bot

Nothing personal E Punk, but I'm going to have to murder you and steal that t-shirt. You understand, right? :D


WTF goes on here. I thought this was the Jokes Forum?

What are you thinking about EP? :confused:

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