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Winamp or WMP?


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Hey, Just wondering. What do you guys like the best? Winamp? WMP? (Windows Media player, lets talk about v. 9 only though)

I personally like Winamp for my downloaded mp3's and such. WMP is better when I rid an album because of the design of it. It sucks for MP3's that I've downloaded though.

What do you think?


How does it suck for downloads? Did you set it up to scan your download folder for music to add to the playlist? I use WMP9 for everything but cd burning. I love it.


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Winamp for audio, the playlists are just easier to manage, and WMP for video, which isn't very often, but it does a good job of playing them :)


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Winamp (versions 2.8x or 2.9x, version 3 sucks and is bloated) is far superior to WMP. Especially for audio. Version 2.9 now supports video, too.

Even better for audio is a cool little program called Foobar 2000. Very small with a extremely small memory footprint, and designed for audiophiles (programmed by a former winamp developer).


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Originally posted by wessleym
Windows Media Player is the best in every way! It's visualizations especially rock! Winamp's visualizations suck the heck out of your resources, and they still don't look good.

just your personal opinion .. :eek:


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WinAMP v2.91 for MP3s, WMP9 for movies, that way I don't have to reload my previous playlist, after downloading a movie.
Stop watch close play


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I prefer winamp over WMP9 anyday of the week! Uses less resources very managable and not MS pro DMCA B$ application. Sure the screen effects are cooler etc. but why would you have winamp if your not using it as a background sound program while doing E-mail,Web Browsing, playing some games, etc. ?
If all I want is a Cool Screensaver with music then WMP8 is where it's at.

For my recording, burning, encoding I use Music Match Jukebox Pro. It's the best all around program I make my MP3 CD's with it and they work wonderfully. Why would I buy all these plug-ins to get a good WMP when I've already got MMJB.

Just my 2 cp worth.
Originally posted by SPeedY_B
Winamp for audio, the playlists are just easier to manage, and WMP for video, which isn't very often, but it does a good job of playing them :)
ditto here.
Though I actually like WMP over Winamp as it comes to soundquality, but when I run WMP on my system, it takes up to 40% of my CPU time, then my system is really slow when I am surfing the net or when I use UnrealEd 2.0.
Winamp 2.x > WMP 8 > WMP 9 > Winamp 3

Winamp for playlists, WMP for listening to an individual mp3 while viewing them through explorer. WMP for video also.

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