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WIN98se updates

Hi wonder if any of you good people can help me,got given a old pc from my dad,ive formatted it got the drivers all on,but i want to update windows.Is there anywhere i can download the whole onto my pc (broadband),the put them onto a disc & then onto the old pc.The old pc doesnt have a network card in it but is does have a 56k but it will take forever.Many thanks


Dabba Dooba
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also...why cant u just put the network card onto the old computer then u can download the service pack thing from above onto the old computer instead of havin to download 10.5mb on dialup. Just my 2 cents

edit: Wanted to say that the unoffical service pack helps. I noticed a speed difference on the computer since i was tryin forever to get it faster but the tweaks on it helped i guess.

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