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Win98SE network Icon Problem


The Voices Talk to Me
Hey all,

I finally was able to get win 98SE installed on the new harddrive and setup on the network, and everything works great with one problem. There is no Lan connection icons! Every once in a while it will show up, but then it disapears. The problem with this is that there is no way to disconnect the pc from the network without the icon. I have tried everything I know how to do to fix it but I am a bit rusty on win98.
Afaik there is no LAN activity icon in Win98. Only for dial-up. First time I saw the LAN icon was in Win2k. Or is my memory bad? :)


The Voices Talk to Me
Win98 has the dial-up icon & a "Internet Gateway" icon. The internet gateway icon being the one that comes & goes as it pleases.

The only way to disconnect without the icon is to physicaly unplug cable.
When it is available, I right click the icon/status/properties/general tab/check "show icon in taskbar notification area when connected" / OK.

It's there until the comp is turned off (restart/crash/whatever reason it's being shut down), then it may or may not re-appear next time the comp is started (it is connected, just no icon).
the only way I know to disconnect a 9x box from network is to pull the plug or Device Manager disable the network adapter, and I have never seen the internet gateway icon.

At home on ME we get a lan connection icon, but that is actually for the PPPoE ADSL, so its not really a LAN icon

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