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Win98 Help


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I'm working on my older computer, the specs are 600mhz, P3, 128meg, win98. The internet, and CD rom drive are not working properly, so i want to reformat everything, install windows98, play around with my favorite operating system (windows 98) for a couple of weeks, then install red hat on it. But, I can't make a boot disk to reinstall windows/reformat things. I have the win98se CD, but, like i said, the cd rom drive is not working so i can't make a boot disk. Pls hlp.


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I can tell the cd-rom is working because i can open/close it and when i stick a cd in the light goes on for about 5 seconds.

But I try going into explorer (remember the old days?) and double clicking D: and it will give me an error:

"D:\ is not accessible.

This folder was moved or removed."

so i rebooted into ms-dos (ahhh the good old days) and typed D: and it looks like this:

"C:\Windows> D:

D:> (me: yay!)


Volume in drive D: has no label
Path not found

(me: damn!!!)

D:> C:\Windows

C:\Windows\> win

(boots win98)"

btw doofus i just realized i have no working floppy disks (just a bunch of broken ones) so i'll get some tomorrow

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
You can make one in control panel, add/remove programs, windows components, startup disk (sorry if words are wrong, me being French).

I do hope this helps you !


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also try this:

goto your system properties, device mamager, then remove the CD rom, then reinstall it or just try and update it with windows up date, also try right clicking on the CD rom in my computer then goto properties, then select the CDROM and try and update the drivers or reinstall it


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OK, i checked in the CPU, the cd rom drive IS connected to where ever it should be, so i went into device manager and unistalled it, and rebooted, it didn't find anything new. Scheisse


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Tried that. All it found was a floppy drive that was damaged somehow (probally registry..)

I forget to mention this all happaned after i installed IE6 on my win98 box.

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You need a floppy boot disk with Cd Rom support. Change the bios to boot first from the floppy (fun ain't it). Boot up with the floppy, select 'with cd rom support'. Once there put the '98 cd in the rom. Change to the drive letter for the rom.

There are two ways:

The one I prefer.
1/ Make a folder on the hard drive.
C:\md Windows (Enter)
C:\Windows md Cabs (Enter)
Now navigate to the win98 folder on the cd.
C:\Windows\Cabs\cd C:\ )Enter)
C:\cd D: ( cd rom letter)
D:\cd win98 (Enter)
Now copy that directory to the hard drive.
D:\win98 copy *.* C:\Windows\Cabs (Enter) (you can take the cd out now)
Now get back to the new folder using the cd command
C:\cd Windows (Enter)
C:\Windows\cd Cabs (Enter)
C:\Windows\Cabs\ (now type 'setup' (no quotes) (Enter)
Away it goes. In my opinion this is a more stable way to set up win9x.

2/ Boot with the floppy with cd rom support.
Then get to the D: drive using the cd command.
D:\cd win98 (Enter)
D:\win98 type setup (Enter) Away it goes from the cd rom.

I'm doing this from memory so if anyone sees an error please post about it.


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Whoohooo!!! It's installing now, and my cd rom DOES work now!! *begins to make love windows98* ...now i can leave it at 98, or go for some new fangled linux OS.

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