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win2003 server and Vista Client not saving password


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Hi Dear,

i need ur assit.
i have server2003 and client user xp every thing work properly. but we have one laptop os vista premium when i going to access shared data from server so its need user name and password when i enter domian user name and password its work properly and then i checked remmember password . problem is that when i restart then its again want password .
so pls wht i will do on server or on laptop it will not ask me again for password.

Best Regards.
Remove all your networking drives on the Vista box.

Map the network share from the Vista station, using command prompt

For example to map a drive to 'theshare' on 'server' - and applying it as letter 'z' :

At the command prompt, you would type net use z: \server\theshare /persistent:yes

Should only ask you once for username / pass

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