Win2000Pro Desktop missing


Overclocked Like A Mother
8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

After a spyware bout, and seems like a successful removal with HighJackthis, a new problem has arisen with my bud's Win2000Pro machine. Upon rebooting, Only the wallpaper comes up, no sytemtray, no taskbar, no start button, no mouse either. Keyboard works as we are able to go into Task Manager and such. We performed a "Windows Repair" with the original CD, but still same problem persists.

Any Ideas?

Open up Task Manager, File -> Run and type in 'explorer' (no quotes) and hit Enter. Is anything showing up now? If so, then the shell path to Explorer.exe is broken. I have no idea how to fix it, but if you try it out and it works, maybe I can find something in the MS Knowledgebase.
Thanks Glaanie,

Will try that in a bit.

From your log on the other post i can see you have two instances of explorer running now.

Before looking at the log i would have thought the same, that the shell had not loaded.

Now it appears something may be suppressing it.

Remove the items outlined in the other thread and report back.
Great, Thanks

Will get back when finished clearing out items from other post.

What does the window say when you Ctrl Alt Del to bring up taskman; does it say soandso user has this computer locked? I had a client's computer do that -- the computer would boot but would be a blank wallpaper screen. I had to log in under administrator and remove the erroneous account and the computer booted up properly under administrator access.

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