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win2000 pro + ICS + port forwarding = impossible (?)



I've spent close to half a day trying to get port forwarding working on my NAT box, which just so happens to run win2000 pro (XP isn't an option, as it's only a pentium pro 200). Despite crawling through just about every page I could find about it on the net, I still can't get it to work.

My question, then: has anyone out there had any success in forwarding ports (through ICS) on a win2k pro box? I read an article by one guy stating that it simply isn't possible with the pro version, as the only internal routing option for ICS is dynamically to the non-routable 192.*.*.* IP range.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...thanks in advance. :)
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Yes I think it should work. It's somewhere in the ICS settings, don't remember where, but it should be there. I believe Win98SE and ME can, so why not 2k? Port forwarding ability has nothing to do with dynamic IP or static IP.

Could be wrong I guess, but I'd be surprised.

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