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Hi Ya'll

I couldn't find any clear posts about this subject so I would really appreciate some serious replys.

the unattended thing, how does this work??? If gone through the wizard but it seems to leave out alot of other options, has anyone had any ex-erience with this :confused: :D

Greetings from Holland,



To perform an unattended installation, you just need to work with the Setup Manager, which is located on the Windows XP CD-ROM in D:\SupportTools\DEPLOY.CAB by default: Extract the contents of this file and you'll find a number of useful tools and help files; the one we're interested in is named setupmgr.exe. This is a very simple wizard application that will walk you through the process of creating an answer file called winnt.sif that can be used to guide Windows XP Setup through the unattended installation.

One final tip: There's one thing that Setup Manager doesn't add: Your product key. However, you can add this to the unattend.txt file manually. Simply open the file in Notepad and add the following line under the [UserData] section:


You'll have to substitute your actual product key for the string listed above, of course.

Then, just copy winnt.sif to a floppy, put your Windows XP CD-ROM in the CD drive, and reboot: When the CD auto-boots, it will look for the unattend.txt file in A: automatically, and use it to answer the Setup questions if it's there.

Finally, please remember that this will wipe out your system! Back up first, and spend some time with the help files in DEPLOY.CAB before proceeding.


Thankx Zman but this is almost the same from the site.

The wizard actually asks you for your product-key but that wasn't the real questions.

Alot of the options aren't in the wizard, what happens to these options??? Are they set on standard or will they be left alone. Another thing is the Winnt.sif file, where is this located because I looked through the file but it isn't there.

I knowit al sounds a little bit stupid but the files isn't that complete.


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