Win XP Pro - CD-Rom not working...



Please help!

Just installed win xp and my cd-rom doesnt work at all, did i do something wrong?

Whenever i pop in a cd its like my pc doesnt recognize the cd-rom...not working at all!

Any fixes? please help!!

:) Hi.

Have you tried going into hardware devices, and looking to see if XP is reporting any errors.

Also check for any errors reported in the logfile (Adminsitrator tools).

You could try removing the CD-ROM entry from the device manager list , rebooting and see if XP re-installs the drive correctly.. IT SHOULD!.

Check your motherboard manufacturers website for any BIOS updates.. I found I needed one on my MB.

Hope this helps.


yeah i checked that and everything checked out fine.. i even tried that and xp detects it but not working...

hmm? would it be aspi layer?
Probably not. ASPI layer is only needed for burners not detected by recording softwatre. Check your BIOS settings, make sure that the modes are set correctly (UltraDMA or PIO) and other BIOS settings related to that.

hmm how do i check bios? sorry im not good at this...

can you give me a step by step? Thanks!!
I had this problem myself. Try leaving a CD in the drive(s) when you boot up and see if XP will pick it up then. If it does then all you may need to do is update your 4in1 drivers and/or possibly install the mini-port drivers - assuming you have the VIA chipset.
tried that.... had the cd in the cd-rom...nothing...

argh!! thanks though... what else can i do?

shall i uninstall cd-rom... (i may need help with this) and disconnect...

then reconnect and boot up xp let it find the drive?
Do you have the VIA chipset? If you have the VIA chipset, do you have the latest 4in1's?

Have you installed any burning software? If you have EZCD or an older version of Nero Burning Rom installed, they've been known to mess up CDrom drives.

Is your bios up-to-date? Are there any firmware updates available for you CDrom drive?
i've installed EZCD 5 platinum.. i think this is what messed it up..

how do i update bios? if you can give me a step by step?

not sure about the firmware updates...
Originally posted by playndirty101
i've installed EZCD 5 platinum.. i think this is what messed it up..

how do i update bios? if you can give me a step by step?

not sure about the firmware updates...
It was working ok before this? I think you found your culprit... do a search, upper right, on ezcd and see what comes up.

If you have System Restore active, restore back to before you installed that Roxio junk and find alternative burning software.
Like said before if you were to look on the Roxio site there are 2 updates called:

  1. Xp_up.exe
  2. ECDC_v5.02d_up.exe

    You should run these in order and restart after you install Roxio and each file update above; so you should restart a total of 4 times.

    Since its too late to do that your best off just doing a fresh install of XP; don't install windows over itself b/c that just doesn't fix everything. I have restarted many times. I am finally happy that I have no blue screens and all my problems are solved; just about :p
yeah tried that.... updated everything...

cd-rom still not working...

i uninstalled in device manager and re-installed...not working..

now, it reads (sorta) then pops up a message "insert disk to drive E:"

I'm joining the nightmare!

I have done nothing other than turn og the IMAPI driver.

Windows now says it doesnt have a driver for my drive! (it's had one for the past 3 month!!)

I have a TEAC W516EB by the way...

I have turned the IMAPI back on, and although it has found the drive (i installed the standard cd-rom drivers) the drive hangs the system when it tries to read the disk. I unhangs the second I release the disk.

Oh yeah, and the system hangs on boot-up 50% of the time, just after the logo comes up...

My DVD-ROM drive is fine.

I have the most up-to-date motherboard bios and CD-ROM firmware... PLUS because my drive was aparently 'Designed' for XP TEAC do not issue drivers for them!:mad:
Try swapping connections around. I saw one guy fix his problem by setting the drive up on another IDE channel... experiment with it as master and slave in different configurations.

Also make sure you have your most up-to-date chipset IDE drivers... experiment with those too if the newest don't work... roll them back one or two revisions - that sort of thing.

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