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win xp installation with sata drive


Time Dr. Freeman?
i was wondering if i need a floppy drive for the sata drivers to install windows. i know all the instructions involve using a floppy drive, but let's say i don't have one and i still need to install windows on a sata hdd, is there any other way? i was thinking i could install it on an ide hdd and then clone that hdd to the sata hdd, but i was wondering if there was an easier way. any thoughts or suggestions?
I was actually just thinking about making a Windows XP Pro SP2 version with SATA drivers on it earlier today but had to get some work done so I didn't.

The program is very easy to use.


Time Dr. Freeman?
hmm...i loaded the correct drivers into the installation cd, but still it doesn't recognize my sata drives so i can't install windows to them. do i still need to press f6?
I'm not possitive about that. You might need too but I think that F6 only checks the A: drive. I know there's a way to edit the windows installation for this to work right but it was very in depth. And I got a little side tracked which made me confused. :p

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