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Win XP

Dear friends,

In my network, I have 10 units of PC running on Win98SE and 10 units of PC running on Win XP Pro.

The problem is, on Win 98SE PCs, I can double click on network neighbourhood and alll the PCs on the network will appear almost instantly. However, if I do this on Win XP Pro machines, it would need to take a while, sometimes quite a while before all the PCs appear on the screen.

Any idea why and how do I rectify this problem please? Many thanks!

Appreciate any fast feedback.

Admiral Michael

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I have a similiar problem, (network of 5) where the computers would show sometimes and not shiw others. I setup a WINS server, hoping to possibly remedy the problem but its no go. Still have yet to find a solution.


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Do you think it has anything to do with the "Master Browser" feature? I mean .. if I remember correctly, Win XP's method of handling network operations and Win 98SE is quite different right?

I am not sure if setting only 1 PC to be the Master Browser instead of all would make any difference?

Pls do advise if you find out anything .. many thanks ! :D