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win server 2003

hi guys!

i recently installed windows server 2003. i've read that it has audio disabled by default. does this mean that you can't play music?

also directX is disabled so games can't run. i hear it has better memory management so i'd like to try it with games. how do i enable directX.

can anyone suggest a site where there are HOW TOs of win server 2003?

thanks a million
Yes, audio is disabled by default, but you can always turn it on using Start>Run>services.msc
Just change the Startup type of "Windows Audio" to Automatic, and hit the start service button.

As far as DirectX is concerned, I don't think it's installed at all. You will need to download and install DirectX, if you want to play games. This, however, isn't really what the OS is meant for. But it's your choice...

When people say it has better memory management, it means that Server 2003 allocates more resources to the background services, and server components of the OS, rather than foreground programs. The OS is managing it's resources for it's purpose - to function as a server. You can do the same in Windows XP, but the effect is, in fact, deterimental to software running in the foreground.
Server 2003 also "feels" a little faster, since most of the services not required for servers are disabled. You will probably end up enabling most of those services if you're using it as a workstation anyway.
There are really no advantages to running Server 2003 instead of XP Pro as a workstation OS.

But as I said, it's your choice, so I've answered your questions above.

Driver 7

There are spme tweaking programs that I have come across that will change your install from enterprise tp web or server to enterprise and so on. You need your install disk to do this however. I cant remember what it was called though.

i tried installing directX. no games running yet. i'll try to figure it out. i was just experimenting. i have win98 to run my games. thanks


Overclocked Like A Mother

You will need to enable your Hardware acceleration.

Right Click on desktop > Select "Properties" > Select "Settings" tab > Click "Advanced" > Select "Troubleshoot" tab and move the Hardware Acceleration slider all the way to "Full" > Click OK > OK

DirectX (8.1) DirectDraw, Direct3D and AGP Texture Acceleration is also disabled by default on Windows Server 2003. To enable:

Click Start > Run > Type dxdiag & enter > Select Display tab > Click Enable on all Acceleration options > Click Exit

Also, The IE security is hardened and locked down and it takes quite a while to get it working properly.

Java Virtual Machine is not installed either and even installed, will not work properly on alot of sites.

Log on and Log off screens are downright annoying, especially if you are the only person using the machine.

PartitionMagic, Norton's, Kerio is just some of the many software that will not work properly with this OS.

I do agree with Netryder. This OS is really not meant for workstation duties. There is a lot of mods to the services that need to be made and the price for just one copy is insane. XP Pro or Home will net you the same results that you are trying to achieve with this OS. But, again quoting Netryder, It's your choice.


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