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i got a gift for all yous our there, my dads Win98 computer wont start up into normal mode, but will start in safe far as i know nobody did anything to it other than surf the web, i did a through check disk for like 12 hours found nothing. your thanks is appreciated.


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When starting did you get any error messages? ... Could you describe what happens when you try and start it a bit better?


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when it is booting up it gets passed the windowws 98 logo then it goes to a dark blue (navy) screen then it just hangs there. i let it go for about 20min but nothing changed. there are no error messages.


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Sounds like it's hanging on a driver load. Either there was a hardware failure or a driver/bios settings got corrupted.

In safe mode step through the loading of drivers one at a time until you find the one where it hangs. Remove and reinstall the driver for the suspect hardware.

If that doesn't fix it then pull whatever is causing the problem and try and boot. If the boot is normal replace the suspect hardware. If it's a built in function (on MB) then disable it in bios and pick up a plug in replacement.

Bios Settings
It's possible that a setting in the BIOS CMOS memory has been corrupted. You can reset the Bios to default by using the reset jumper on the MB (3 pin header with a little plastic shorting bar). With power off pull the plastic jumper and move it to the opposite side of the header. Wait 30 seconds and move it back. There seem to have been a lot of corrupted CMOS problems lately. If the problem happens again you probably need a new CMOS battery for the MB. If you can't find the jumper you can pull the battery as an alternate way to reset the CMOS.


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go in safe mode, type msconfig at the run command, click the startup tab and untick the lot, try rebooting into normal windows, if it works, run msconfig and re enable 1 by 1 until it craps out again, when it craps, uninstall the offending prog and reinstall it.

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