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Win 95 Weird CD-Drive problem


Real Name No Gimmicks

My mom has a nasty habbit telling everybody that her son is a 'pc expert' (don't laugh now:D ) I should buy me a t-shirt with 'NO - I will NOT fix your computer' written on it...

Anywayz, I got this very old IBM aptiva from a friend of my moms. She asked me to 'fix it up, and make it fast and stable' - can you imagine?. 8mb Ram, 1 mb Video Ram, and I don't even want to know which processor sits in there.

I duck down in the basement, digged up some EDO ram, an old Video card and an old HD.

You have no idea how hard it is to add some components to an old IBM aptiva. The screws, oh, the screws.

I connected the HD as a slave on the secondary master, the boot disk on primary master, the cd on primary slave. Had to use a cable to split up the power becouse there were only two power plugs in there. Stuck the RAM in it, a 2MB old video card.

I've booted it, and it's faster (now 16 Ram, 5 Gig HD, 2 mb Vid Ram) but every time I insert a CD-Rom in there, the cd drive tells me it's an audio cd with 8 audio tracks. I've tried origal cd's, cd-r's and cd-rw's but nothing works: always audio, always eight tracks.





sounds like its needs a reinstall of 95, it sounds like its lost the coding , dont ask me where!, to read data off CDs..dont think it can be patched though cos it'll be in the depths of the win95 code.:rolleyes:


Real Name No Gimmicks
Yeah, weel, no can do...

CD was running fine when I got the PC... And they gave it to me to fix it up, not to brake it down... :)

Win95 re-install: no can do -> no network card -> no cd
And I'll be damned if I spend a cent on this piece of junk...

ah well...



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