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win 2000 hardware wizard



On booting up windows 2000 i get the window, windows is installing new hardware wizard.
there is nothing showing in device manager that requires this .
how do i stop this happening.
thanking in anticipation
Welcome to NTFS :)
What does Windows want to install?
Have you installed any hardware, software or Windows Updates before this happened? If so, what did you install? Or have you re-partitioned your harddisk(s)?
In other words, please give some more info ;)


its a new computer i have built and i have put win 2000 ,software and hardware on it.how can i tell what windows wants to install ?if i knew that i could most probably sort it.I have two hard drives installed 120gb maxtor diamond max9.to my knowledge i have installed all drivers and windows updates. there is no yellow question marks in device manager. i have not installed a printer yet which seems to cause this problem frequently but not in my case.
thanking you in anticipation.
If the Hardware update wizard pops up, just go through the steps, until you see what kind of hardware Windows is trying to install. Or, just let the Hardware wizard complete it's tasks (meaning that you let windows install the new(?) hardware).

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