Will Tweaks Hold up in a Domain environment?



Hi all,

I've got my home network (workgroup) computers 'tweaked' and running great. Very happy with XP Corp. Only one user per machine.

I now want to convert my office network (Domain) over to XP Corp but am wondering if the 'tweaks' will hold up for each domain user who log on to a workstation.

In order to 'tweak' the XP Corp should I first log on to the local machine (not the domain), and do my tweaking as administrator. Then when different employees log onto the Domain through that machine, will all the tweaks (reg changes ect) be 'UNIVERSAL' to that machine OR will I have to RE-Tweak every single users accont for that machine? arggghhh, I hope not.

Any Ideas?

I hope I explained that right.


Yes, the tweaks should hold up if you do it under an Admin profile. If you edit HKEY_CURRENT_USER then that will not carry on to other users.

I think the other 4 will effect all users. Can anyone verify?