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will this work...

will this work with any standard hard drive from the store like a regualr ata/133 internal drive. sorry for the stupid question but i had to make sure before i send out my payment and buy a drive. thanks in advance.


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it's just a HD enclosure for any existing internal HDs you may have and want to use it as an external one.
it says that it supports upto ATA133 so I can't see what problems you may have apart from the fact that this particular item you're looking at is for Firewire (IEEE1394) connection. Do you have any Firewire ports available to connect this to?
damn, if thats true then im lucky becasue i almost bnought a 160gb western digital at best buy for $90.guess ill just use a 120gb then. thanks a lot for the replies so quickly.
so this will sit fine in the enclosure right? i just want to make sure or my dad will get pissed.
im getting firewire because it is faster.
just a question tho, can a Mac read a drive that formated in NTFS? so my brother can use it.
Depends on the Mac I guess, if it's running OSX I guess it could since normal *nix can, but if it's an older Mac I really doubt it.

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