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Will this work?



At home i have Blueyonder 1mb cable line. I want to share the line with two other PC's in the house, one in another room and one upstairs. Would it work if i had the Modem (Motorolla SB4100) plugged into a wireless router then to put wireless cards in all of the PC's and do it that way rather than having a load of cable all over the place?



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Sounds like it would work but keep this in mind:

1. Most wireless works on 11mb transfer rate, wired connections can use 100mb so as long as you are not transfering a lot of data between computers you should be alright.

2. Cordless phones, Microwaves and other household items do mess with the wireless signal so keep that in mind when setting up each of the devices.


thnx all i want to do is connect to the internet i dont want them to be networked as such( transfering files between pc's and sharing a printer). The microwave is is two rooms away dunno if that will interfere?? and i can keep the phone out of the room :)


ok thnx now all i need to know is what parts. 2 of the PC's ar notebooks so i came up with this:

Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless router Link
Linksys WMP11 Wireless PCI card Link
Linksys WPC54A Wireles PC Card x2 Link

Is this all right or arent Linksys any good?
Linksys makes good routers at least... I have no experience with their wireless, but I guess it's OK. Don't get Intel though.
Originally posted by Quiksilvah
Why not intel? And do Cisco make wireless products?
A test I read a while ago concluded that most cards where pretty much equivalent except Intels card that were crap (at the time at least). And yes, cisco probably makes wireless cards. Stick to one brand though, cards and router. Works better.


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You may have a conflict between your router and the PC Cards. You have picked a 802.11b (11MB @ 2.4Ghz) router with 802.11a (54MB @ 5Ghz) cards. I have not fully read the product data sheets but I have not run across a card that will do both 802.11a and 802.11b.

The PCI card you picked is compatable with your router.


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As far as data tranfer, yes. I have not worked with 802.11a in much detail but I work at a university and we manage over 100 802.11b access points so I am well aware of issues with it. Upgrading to 802.11a should eliminate most of your interferance issues (at least with cordless phones @ 2.4Ghz). The one downfall is that the range with 802.11a is smaller that 802.11b but if all you want to do is network you house/appartment you should have no problems.


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Originally posted by Quiksilvah
Well i found this. it is compatible with the 5GHz jobbie but it wont work will it?


Actually that looks like it would work but since you are buying all new stuff I would suggest that you stick with one type only because I would think that the cost to support both would be much more than you need to spend.

How deep is your wallet?

802.11a is new = expen$ive

802.11b is old = cheap


I dont think the price is a factor really, My dad works in the Middle East for IBM in the Networking and telecommunications department so they will have some of these sorts of thing hanging about or he will be able to get them at a reduced price.

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