Will there be board skins?


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I didnt see it listed in any of the options, I was wondering if it was possible or if there are any plans to implement skins for the new board?


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there will be the two old skins, but as you can imagin there is a hell of a lot of work to do ;)

Electronic Punk

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I will start seriously adding that stuff when vb goes final, adding a quick orbitz header and made it expanded (the popular choice over fixed)


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"I think it looks nice as it is Some people will be glad to see Orbitz and Ekko re-appear though." Yup, can't wait for the themes to reappear, or new ones.

Electronic Punk

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I doubt the forums will be anymore orbitz than they are now.

I will either buy a totally new vb3 skin or do my own, and then the frontpage will be updated to reflect it.


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I'd say go with own. Saves money, it's more unique, it'll be satisfying to see it in use once you've put the effort into it, and ...ehmmm.. bought skins suck? :p

Electronic Punk

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Not forgotten, but it is going to take me a while to get to a stage where I am happy with the rest of the site, to get the new skin installed and in sync...

The frontpage will then evolve to reflect the forums.


I may actually be insane.
I prefer something stable to something that looks pretty. I think we're doing fine on both accounts at the moment :)

(although that xp-erience skin should really make a return :p)

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