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will it work??????

ok i need to know if this will work because i need a system that can take a ntfs drive and there are no other PC's in teh house:
ok here are the system specs
amd k6 350mhz
96mb sdram
4gb 5400rpm drive
voodoo 3 2000 video card
d link nic card

now is it possable for me to put windows xp pro on this computer or is there anouther way for me to get win me to look at ntfs drives, and also i do not have a copy of win 2000. i really need help

i do not care if it is not fast i just need it usable for about 5 hours


yes, it is possible to run windows xp professional because it only needs 1.5 gig of room on the harddrive, so you should be able to install it on your system, though it will probably run really slow, but you said you only need it for a short amount of time, so i suppose that you should be right.



no, no other operating system will work with an ntfs drive, because when windows 2000 was brought out so was ntfs and it was purely made for windows 2000, then windows xp came out and because it was made on windows 2000 then it needed to stay on an ntfs drive


Originally posted by canadian_divx

i have anouther question?
is there any other windows that will be able to use a ntfs drive other than xp and 2000???????

Just because the hard drive right now is NTFS, doesn't mean it has to stay that way, you can convert it to FAT32, using a win 98 boot disk, and using Fdisk, just delete the current partitions on it, and repartiton it the way u want, and with FAT32.

NTFS is more stable, but don't let the fact, that just because your hard drive is NTFS right now, that it only limits you to XP or 2000 as operating systems.

good luck let us know how it goes



Yes, Win NT supports NTFS, and was the original OS for that I believe. NT would run better on that hardware also.


ok maybe it was not even your question but oh well,

a few months back on my job (i have only Windows ME) i needed to open a HD with NTFS (windows XP) there was no way i could install XP just to read a couple of bytes, so i looked on google for a way and found out about a program called NTFSPro i installed it (needed a liitle bit of tweaking to get it to work for XP) and i could read and write on an NTFS partition on windows ME

try it its worth it, now i don't have any problems reading NTFS on my Windows ME



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Yeah -- I wouldn't rely on them for every-day use, but i hear the NTFS daemons for Win32 that are around work okay.

Surprised no one mentioned it, but pretty much all current Linux distributions can mount and read NTFS drives just fine.

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