Wii Friend Codes

When using friend codes, each side has to enter each other's friend code for verification. There is no confirmation message for that type of invite.
I never recieved any kind of notice that I was added to anyone's console as a friend?

there is no mail notification, if two consoles share a request though you can send the other person an email though
i love how the Wii doesn't need some stupid $50 memory card to transfer saved games. gotta love SD cards!
there is no mail notification, if two consoles share a request though you can send the other person an email though

Cool so I will make sure that I get them added asap :)

Ok got some added will see when I will be able to send messages....
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Wii message board > create message > address book

There it will show your Wii consoles number. If you already have entries in your address book just push plus or minus on the remote until you get back to your consoles number.

I added you but you are still greyed out ?
Hey everyone,
I added all you people except the 1 posters since i dont think they'll be back...
My Wii Code is:
4130 3470 1799 8225

Not sure how all this works but you're all added so i hope to see a reply! :)

Does anyone know if there will ever be online play for the wii?
i'll try and add you all tonight and also send out some invites...

i'm sure there will be online games eventually. it has too much online capabilities to not use.
Of course there is going to be online games , it has been said that it is going to be free as well , what do you think they will do with all those Wii Channel's? Thats what they will be used for.
just got a wii this morning. Berwyn IL store had a ton!!! and nobody clamoring for them...I think this shipment snuck by a lot of people.

When I get the time to set it up(damn adulthood and responsibility) I will put my wii stuff up
Finally got round to adding my number.

4096 6931 3071 0612.
Who is current? I'll PM my console code and MK code if you want to mingle.

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