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Yes the slot will glow blue and you can set it to off, dim or bright on the Wiiconnect24 tab. You can also select whether or not the Wii can go online when the unit is turned off. I have Wiiconnect24 on but offline mode turned off.
yeah. i was originally debating leaving it on or turning it off.... but i figured what the hell.... it uses boatloads less power than 360 does even at an idle. according to the one thing that Kotaku referenced.... here's the power consumption between Wii, 360, and a 37" Sharp Aquos LCD TV:
- In Standby Mode: 10w
- Idle @ Wii menu: 17w
- Running a Wii Game (Test with Zelda / Trauma Center) in 480i: 17w

37" Sharp Aquos LCD TV:
- In Standby Mode: 40w
- Turned on: 180w

XBox 360:
- In Standby Mode: 2w
- Idle @ Dashboard: ~140w
- Running a Game: ~160w
- Playing a DVD: ~110w

as far as i can tell... the "standby" mode that those usage stats refers to is when WiiConnect24 is active while the system is off.... seeing as if WC24 wasn't enabled, and all it was really doing was powering that one tiny LED..... the usage stats would probably be equal or close to that of the 360's standby mode.
There are two stages of standby and red led standby was (I think) 4 or 5 watts.

Green- Wii is on
Yellow- Wii is on standby, Wiiconnect24 is ON
Red- Wii in on standby, Wiiconnect24 is OFF

You can leave wiiconnect24 on and turn off standby connection then led will go red.

I am looking for where I saw power usage for each of the led colors.
....why does it never seem like my Wii checks if anyone added me to their friends list.... or is that only if they add me without me adding them? i never seem to have any mail.... other than that stupid "today's accomplishments" crap.
Internet working ok for Wii?

Have you went to the "check for system updates" tab and was it able to update?

I will send ya something as a test.
as you probably noticed.... it works. one of the first things i did was update. that was on the day i had it connected to my parents new 50" widescreen plasma HDTV. god that thing's farkin pretty.
I added a couple of you folks to test it out, but your names are still grayed out in my address book.

I know I can connect to the net because I've been downloading Virtual Console games and I can send messages to myself via email.

My Wii: 6948 8406 2093 7167
2799 2802 8153 4082

Let's get some celebrity mii's goin!...I just made Ali G

B Dot
I will add all your Wii #'s as I get a chance ............ keep them coming !!
Hi I just joined today, was just trying to find some wii friends to trade mii with. PLease add me

my code is:

7166 5444 6007 4566

I'll be sure to add everyone on this thread
does anyone know how the mii parade works? I could never figure it out and it is always empty...
does anyone know how the mii parade works? I could never figure it out and it is always empty...

I'm pretty sure the parade is of people that have sent you mii, but I'm really not certain
I never recieved any kind of notice that I was added to anyone's console as a friend?

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