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21 Jan 2004
Whenever I am in a 2D screen, browsing the web for example, if I scroll too much, either up or down or sideways. My computer tells me I have had a hardware failure and I need to reboot, not only that, my screen downgrades to 4bit color 640x480. This leads me to believe that it is the video card. yet I do not have any issues in any of my games. Any ideas would be appreciated!
some info would be nice... what type of video card?? Drivers?? did you install something prior to this happening?? Upgrade any hardware?? What version of what kind of browser are you using??
Oops, sorry, my sig didn't come through. Here is the system:

KT7A-RAID v1.3 using VIA 4.38 4in1
Athlon XP Thoroughbred-B 2400+ (Not O/C)
Crucial 512MB CAS2 PC133 SDRAM
Leadtek Winfast A380 Ultra TDH MyVIVO (GeForce FX 5950 using 53.03s)
Soundblaster Live! Value
Maxtor 20, 30, 40 & 80 ATA100 HDs
AOpen DVD-1648/BKH
Plextor Premium 52/32/52 CDRW
Antec SX1040BII Black Case w/Antec 400W PS
Windows XP:HE
Reinstall video drivers as a start. (dif ver maybe)

Reinstall Via 4in1's (dif ver maybe)
It could be the mouse drivers too. They tell the comp which way and how much to scroll.

Check if ti messes up using the arrow keys or pageup/pagedn also.
I had something similar happen to me when I recently formatted and reinstalled WinXP. I don't know if it applies to you, but I didn't have my videos drivers set up properly, leaving the system's video running in a sort of "software" mode. A few minutes using anything "graphic" in WinXP would cause a similar hardware failure and a reboot message.
This is a bit late in the post... BUT I had the same problem with my computer, and to fix it, I had to up the AGP voltage in BIOS from 1.5V to 1.6V. Some ppl had to even go higher.

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