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wierd problem with saving stuff



got a really wierd problem, when I click on a download in IE 6 it some times goes to normal save dialog box and everything is fine, then other times it wont display the save box it will just auto save the file in a temporary directory then opens the file, also outlook will not let me save certain files the box to save is just greyed out, seemed to happen at the same time, I've got NAV 2002 with the up to date definitions and ZAP pro with high security.


I have the same problem but it doesn't bother me. You don't have to format your computer over such little problem, do you? :-D


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haha I know what you mean it could be the smallest thing in the world but some times it just bugs the hell out of you!:D


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yeah the right click and save should allow you to save to your specified directory... if it is a video/audio file or an exe file it will open if you click without saving and that is not so good when it is a virus or a porn program :D they are all viruses...

so right click and save if you must

no need to format..

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