Wierd problem, please help. GFx 4



OK. I bought MSI Mobo i875P neo-FIS2R. Then I bought this Gfx: MSI Ti4800SE-VTD8X. It worked great. Then all of a sudden nothing would show up on the screen anymore. I thought that was strange and I tried my old GFX and then it worked again. Then I tried the new GFX in my old PC, and that worked as well.
But when I put the new GFX on the new MOBO, nothing happens. The PC boots fine, but no picture.

Any ideas as to what this is?



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How do you know the PC boots fine if there is no picture?

Do you see the bios power on test?
Do you see the Windows logo?
Does it get to the blue screen with the progress bar?

Need a better description of what is and is not happening.

Though since the vid card is good in another machine it could be a seating problem. Is the card going all the way down in the slot? Sometimes the brackets hit the case or components on the MB hit the card. The newer vid cards are longer than the old ones.

Or a power problem. Does the vid card have a direct power supply connection and did you hook it to the power supply? Is your power supply at least 300W (preferably 350w)?


It has worked on that MOBO before. But I can tell it boots by the sounds and when I put in the old GFX in it, it works just fine. I don't get any signal even. :( The screen remains at rest. :(

a mate of mine once had a pc where the psu wasnt powerful enough to power his pc - it worked fine for over 4 months, and then did something similar to yours... we then realised it was only a 250w unbranded atx power supply running a 1.4ghz athlon, 512mb ram and a kyro2.

chances are the new graphics card is using more power than the old one - the other pc isnt using as much power as your main one - therefore the old gfx is ok in new pc and new gfx is ok in old pc.

id definitely check the psu - sometimes the symptoms take a while to come to light...

i also had a 300w psu on an old idt 225mhz system I had - worked for bout 8mths and then jus wouldnt boot - took it to the shop an they tested it an it worked fine - however it wouldnt work on my own system - changed psu an it worked fine then - think sometimes these things happen :rolleyes:

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