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Wierd Noise HELP ASAP lol


My computer has just started to make some wired noise from the Fan or the Fan in the power pack :eek:

Is there anything i can check or something,

And anything way can see wat the Temp is to see if it's right

Thanks in Advance
First of all, make sure that there aren't any cables stuck in the fans.

Open the case and see.

From the fan in the PSU? Sure? That's not good!

What was the other fan you're talking about, if it's just a regualr 80mm, check to see if it's nicely in place.
Yes checked everything in place and stuff, But i think it might be the 1 in the Powerpack wat's makein the noise :(

And the graphics card and network card was Hot when i checked them aswel

Anything else b4 i turn it off and leave it til some1 can come out and check it out


hardware monkey
video cards will always get hot. that's normal. even lan cards and anthing with a chip on it can get hot. unless it's causing lock-ups or whatever, then no big deal.

you could pick up a new power supply, if you're the rich/lazy type... or just remove and open up your power supply and, at the most, replace the fan in it.


hardware monkey
what kinda card? and you ever hold your finger on the area directly on the other side of the gpu? every card i've messed with has gotten pretty hot. but never to the point it hurts or anything.

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