wierd new hardware/xp problem i cant figure out

Argh!!!!, My Eyes!!!

1) Don't use a font that small, it's very annoying to try to read.

2) When you get to the option to install you have to say yes. Then you will be given the option to do the repair.
Going out on a linb here m8, as i've not tested this method, so have no idea if it will work.
It does under Win2K with HDD swaps, but XP's activation thing screws with the process so i'm not sure.

If you still have the old system handy, you could always put the drive back in there.
Then boot to safe mode, remove all possible drivers manually from device
manager if apps or installers not present.
Try to work in a logical reverse order i.e don't remove motherboard
and system drivers before cards etc.
Shut down, transfer the drive to the new setup, and boot from Windows on the HDD. It should then go about it's detection.

If the activation key issue is still preventing the new detection, you could always try the above but include this...
If you have a copy of XPAnti-Spy, then use that to disable the licdll.dll, and regwizc.dll that deal with registration, and checking.
You should then shut down, and transfer the drive, and boot as described above in
the new box.

Hope that kinda makes sence, i'm really quite tired at the mo' :)zzzzz
Good luck ;)
i3x171um said:
(user settings, registry (! i know thats where the registry is.. ::thinks:: maybe thats why it didnt work.. ok ive got more work to do.. theres still hope.. haha its like an operation.. thattts winndowsss)
Surgeons dont operate wearing boxing gloves...:p
You should've checked here b4 trying that.
I'm 99% sure my suggestion would've had you running again.
Now you have 2 screwed systems...

I feel for ya though, a HDD crash whilst backing up lost al my data once b4...:shudders:, and it ain't nice :(
Anyone wanna jump in here and help this poor soul?
btw, user settings are stored in C:\Documents and Settings.
(and the registry)
But you can't just go copying and pasting those either.
If you use NTFS, the accounts are accessed via an SID rather than the user name
so no matter how you try this it's flawed.
Just copy the stuff you can (if you get windows back)
and paste it in the new profile.
Don't try to replace a profile of the same name, it wont work
It'll just have the .000 extension after it, and will be a seperate account.
i3x171um said:
when in windows xp setup it spends like 20 minutes goin 'installing hardware'.. part of that times spent writing all these c:/windows/system32/config files where it like makes everything specific to your hardware.. its not the drivers.. plug and play would take care of that if it was.. its actually the way they built windows xp to keep us from changing the system..
*sighs* did you read my earlier post regarding XPAntispy?
The 20 mins you describe is partially responsible for configuring your
activation key, but if you disble the dll's i mentioned earlier, windows will start up without requesting it.
Then you could reactivate them once your hardware was sorted out, and XP would propmpt for reactivation.
i3x171um said:
ive had my harddrive w/o formattin for like three years now, and my documents and settings folder is like 'alex' 'alex.c' 'alex.c.000' 'alex.c.000.000'.. lol its crazy..
gonna really make ur day now...not
did you know XP has a documents and settings wizard
for exporting and reimporting it all?
uh did you really think you could basically change everything and have it work. the .00 .00.00 etc extension are tacked on the user profile because it couldn't load the original profile.

Windows sucks? any OS (except for Mac b/c they make you buy their proprietary HW) would do the same thing if you changed all the hardware and tried to reboot.

If you cannot do a repair install because of registry corruption, you can install XP into a different partition or drive and be able to atleast recover files, but other than that you are SOL. Why dont you have a reliable backup of something you find as irreplaceable?
I find your lack of faith in the force disturbing young padawan
you are too easily tempted by the dark-side hehe :p

Why not copy the stuff you need (non sytem files) to a safe place, format,
install XP import stuff you need again activate.

Gonna leave you to it. Suffice to say RTFM before dabbling.
Or at least take advice where given, that's my advice at least, ooh now im really confused :confused: meh needs sleep....zzzzzzzzz ;):D

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