wierd network problem


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7 Dec 2001
i have a serious problem.

when my compaq armada m700 is connected directly to an xdsl or cable modem the network works fine.

but if its connected to a router or hub the connection is highly unstable. it drops every fifth minute and then connects again after 2-3 minutes.

ive done everything i can to solve the problem.

any thoughts?
you shouldn't be connecting ur DSL with a hub...but u might try resetting the router, and then going through the setup again to make sure everything is right

by resetting i mean back to the default rom settings...theres usually a reset button u have to hold for 5 seconds or so
yes, done that :) formatted my hd to make sure no laggy settings is left.. i havent experienced this kind of problem on any computer, ive had a lot of network problems but nothing like this :s
d-link di 604, but ive tested some different. its only when the computer is connected to the router. if i connect the modem directly to the computer it works fine.
what ISP do you have...sometimes it doesn't like the router being connected unless its spoofing the origional MAC address of ur PC
I've been running my ADSL network for 5 years with no drop out problems. Router into a 5 port hub and have had up to 4 computer connected and running simultaneously. In 99% of the cases you can not just put a hub between the modem and the network. You only get one IP address and you need the router to fake the rest (share the IP out). If you have only one machine on the network you can have a Hub between you and the modem with no problems.

I will assume this is a hardwire setup with NO WIFI involved. WIFI adds a whole pile of problems.

Reasons for dropping connection:
1). The ISP recognizes you have a router and your contract does not allow multiple connections on a single IP account. They are doing it on purpose. This sucks since a router is a good security option. Call the ISP and ask or, read their FAQ section. (WHat Aussie said above.)

2). Your connection appears to be inactive and the ISP is dropping your dynamic connection to free up an IP for another user. 5 minutes sounds awfully short for this kind of bad ISP behavior. Do you drop off even if the conenction is active (changing web pages every minute or so)? If this is it look for a keep conenciton alive setting int he router or put a SW keep alive program on your PC.

GO to http://www.dslreports.com/ and checkout the reports on the ISP in question. Also run their free tests and see if they show up a hardware problem on your end.
ive tested on three different isps and none of them works. or, yes, when you plug it in directly from the cable or dsl modem. it looks like if it is some setting in the os?

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