Wierd Error

Recently I've had some wierd errors come up. See the attatched images for examples. What would cause those errors? A virus? A failing drive? It's a brand new drive in the computer.

Also, my Zone Alarm and Winamp haven't been remember their settings after rebooting. Winamp always has "%1" in the playlist instead of the last songs I was listening to and Zone Alarm is always asking for permision to let programs use the internet that I've already told it to stop asking me about. (ie. MSN Messenger). When I reboot, the boot process is also frequently running chkdsk's on my partitions.

Thanks, Devon



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The only time I've had those errors is when my partition table got fooked up. Had to repartition and reformat. Try booting to the recovery console and run chkdsk /r to completeion, it will take a while.
Yeah, it looks like a corrupted Master File Table (MFT). Try the chkdsk method that j79zlr mentioned, and if that doesn't work, you're probably going to have to destroy and recreate the partition.
joko xp - Ya, I've heard of print screen... that's when you scan your monitor with your scanner and then print the result right? :p:D j/k... i didn't use print screen cause once i start getting those errors, i can't do anything... ie. save a print screen capture... so I made use of my digital camera instead.

j79zlr - hmmmm ok... i'll give it a try.

What would cause the MFT to get corrupted?

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