Wierd COM PORT problems...



Am using XPpro with my ECS K7-S5A mobo, and am having an "odd" problem with com ports... I use a radio scanner (Alinco DJ-X3) with a home made interface to back up memories etc... but it will not work properly on this computer ! The kids machine has an Intel mobo and it works ok on that under XPpro... if i use WIN ME on MY hardware its ok, but XPpro makes it crash !!!
So, its not the hardware, or XPpro - so WTF ??

The program reports one of two errors:
RUN TIME ERROR :5 ILLEGAL CALL OR ARGUMENT (followed by immediate exit !)
All setting are default ... I have tried setting the ports manually, to no avail.

As I say, damn thing works fine on the kids machine - no manual settings needed !! Same on my PC - with ME os.

Any ideas please ?
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Does winME use ACPI ?

Ive never used it myself , but with XP ACPI should actually be better for your scanner ...

Thats a tough one

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