Widescreen wallpapers.


I may actually be insane.
Anyone know where to get some widescreen (16:10 ratio) walls from? I'm looking for 1680x1050 or higher, 1440x900 are Ok too.

Site's I've already bled dry:


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, PixelGirl's just submission based, there's no fixed size downloads. Still a nice collection of papers there though :D
hmm, I'd be interested in a place to pick up some widescreen/dual screen walls too

I've been giving up more often than not and making my own recently, but thats only fun when I want something specific, gotta keep the randomness and aimai abound

I'll keep searching too, SPeedY, for the good of mankind
Hey lads, new members here. Just thought I'd let ye know that I got a widescreen (1440 x 900) Vaio laptop recently, the wallpapers that came with it were ****e. So I made a few of my own using still images from a few of my favourite movies. Then I doctored them a bit with Photoshop (as you do). I've put a few of them online at my website if anybody's interested; http://www.jdbrookes.co.nr


Oh yeah, Deviantart is definitely a good place for some fairly abstract wallpapers, and its free, unlike those scoundrels at digital plasphemy!



I may actually be insane.
DevArt has a few widescreen walls, but the 4:3 and 5:4 collections are definitely the majority.

Still having problems finding decent walls though, since I made the original post, I bough a larger LCD and now work in 1920x1200, so most smaller walls look nasty re-sized. You have some nice one's on your site though, thanks for the link :)
Ah right I didnt notice that the post was started in 2004, not 2005.. :rolleyes:

Yeah it must be tough finding stuff to fit that size of a widescreen monitor, but there were some I found on Devianart that were nearly that size! (1680 x 1050 I think.) Devianart.com isnt working right now for me but I'd say a search for the artist "Chromakode" might have good results; I downloaded some wallpapers from this guy that I thought were pretty funky.

Jesus well done on that post count speedy. Mind that you don't lost your eyesight with that high of a resolution!



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