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Widescreen 19"

I'm in the market for a 19" monitor between $300-400. I saw some widescreen monitors for 19" but after reading some mixed reviews I was just wondering if anyone out there has a 19" widescreen and if its anygood for gaming. I understand some people found the resolution a bit odd so if anyone has a solid opinion on the topic it would be much appreciated.



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i just got the Gateway 21" HD Widescreen LCD display a couple days ago. still feels kinda odd going from a 17" lcd to this. cost $599 + tax at Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, and Circuit City..... or $599 with free shipping directly from gateway.

In my experience so far.... it's quite good for gaming. all it really seems to do is give you a slightly wider angle of view, nothing drastic. they're also great for DVD movies and stuff like that. which monitors exactly were you looking at? everyone seems to rave about Dell's 2005FPW and 2405FPW.

edit: here's the post in my "lookin at monitors" thread, showing a before and after shot with my old 17" and my new 21" widescreen. really gives you a good picture of exactly how much of a difference there is in size. think 21" widescreens are basically a 19" monitor, widened out a tad. not stretched or anything (like one person in Guru3D's forums said....... saying that widescreen monitors are stretched, basically making 2x1 pixels instead of normal 1x1 pixels. god was he an idiot). could link you to that thread too if you wanna get quite a laugh out of it.



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If your budget is $300-$400, get the Dell 2005FPW.

I did a quick Froogle search, found a few for just under 400..


You can probably find one a little cheaper - maybe watching the bargain sites or on eBay. This will be a great purchase compared to a 19", since you get 1600x1200 vs 1280x1024, and these monitors have gotten great reviews on gaming as well :)


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kcnychief, i.... don't remember 20" WIDESCREENS getting 1600x1200. think you're thinking of a standard 20" monitor. believe that the highest resolution it'll get is 1680x1050, the same that mine gets.


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ElementalDragon said:
kcnychief, i.... don't remember 20" WIDESCREENS getting 1600x1200. think you're thinking of a standard 20" monitor. believe that the highest resolution it'll get is 1680x1050, the same that mine gets.
Yeah - you are right, mah bad.

Still better for the budget though than a 19 incher :)
wow i didnt know if i could get that 2005FPW for my budget, I do love the look of that thing, Thanks a lot guys i'll check it out. I may just wait for a bit and get some more cash for the 20".

EDIT: Reading more about the 2005FPW it talks about Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture. Can this possibly be used by having the RBG connected device on one side of the screen and DVI on the other? Or is it just used for seperate apps?
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Not to sure about the Picture in Picture and Picture by Picture - but if your budget is $300-$400 as you originally stated, it can be had.


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The PIP and PBP you can do these combos: DVI/Composite, DVI/S-Video, D-Sub/Composite or D-Sub/S-Video, and I believe you can do Composite/S-Video. Either way you can have 4 separate Video inputs, Portrait mode which is cool if you do a lot word processing or even internet use. Right now I have my PC connected with DVI, (Yu get more options this way), my third PC through the D-Sub, (15-pin connector), and I did have my PS2 hooked up through the composite, (it actually wasn't that bad, I need to get the S-Video cable to really see the difference.)
on my monitor, i believe i can set it to have Component video as the PiP/PbP, and hooked up to my PC via DVI. i say that i "believe" i can, because i don't have anything to connect to my computer with component cables.

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