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Widcomm driver update for Vista.

Ok this old problem again. I have now Vista x64 and am trying to get my BT dongle to work. I have installed the oroginal software and was shown a update on the Widcomm/Broadcom site. I have downloaded the update but when i start it all it says is" can't find USB BT DONGLE"
I have attached the screenshot and the BTWINITIALUPDATE.exe

If anyone has any ideas



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Have you tried using the built in stack? I was forced to use Vista's Bluetooth stack.

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No i just tried the widcomm disk straight off. What is the best way to uninstall widcomm and start using the windows drivers, as i remember there was an issue with XP drivers this way.


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Uninstall it from Add/Remove, reboot, then insert the device and see if Vista picks up on it.

There have been improvements but it isn't perfect.

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