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Why you Play WOW

Which is Better

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There is no answer!
Political User
Ok i know there is already a thread of various wow stuff, but i wanted a specific one of WHY, you are all playing it and what the game has and does that the others dont.

I haven't play WOW yet, so cant contribut yet, but it seems WOW is starting to be a bit of a phenomenon.

So complete the vote and give a reason.

And Fire for effect.


Political User
It has a better interface and more game playability than any other...

I like PVP, so I play mostly on a PVP server and duel as much as I get a chance too



There is no answer!
Political User
But what does it give that the others dont. In your opinion, is there something that absolutely stands out that the other mmorpg don't have?


Political User
The art and world of the game is truly imerssive, they did a great job at making the world feel uniqe. The quest system is very robust and keeps high levels from leading low levels through hell and back (thus getting tons of XP). This keeps the game balanced. The PVP system is very well thought out and can make for some very interesting and entertaining encounters. The fact that their are two factions that are at war and are actual players is a very cool idea. These are just some of the few reasons why... for the others you just have to play it.


The First Rebirth
I don't know what the others are like, my first MMORPG. I was invited into the closed beta back in September 2004 - Novermber 2004, and still addicted.

Excellent story, great game play and mod add ons, cartoony graphics are great too and PVP.

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