Why is Xp running slowly?


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Windows Xp was working fine for me but since a while it started slowing down and it takes lots more time to load an application. so i decided to defragment using diskeeper 7 and it still is slow! so now im going to download ad-aware. so any other tips/tricks or applications to help my system get back up to par?


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well it wasnt a virus but u did help

well it wasnt a virus but since i scanned i found some trojans and deleted them. ok so what else can be done to make my system faster?


I have added more Ram. Total of 384 now. Helped a little. There are a lot of tweaks that will help also. Several programs out there that are free. I use ZDnet to find them. Just put, tweaks in the search. There is a lot of info on ex-perience.org Check this one I found yesterday. www.xp-erience.org/artical.php?sid=154 Hope thats right. As always be careful and read all directions, and the added notes. This is very easy to follow. The only thing is you will have to make a lot of notes as you go along. Be sure to make notes of the ones you changed incase there is a problem.


ok I had a voodoo 5 5500 and the second i went to a card that was actually supported in windows xp my performance skyrocketed..stopped crashing and everything....i Swear by voodoo cards but the third party drivers that are being written for the cards although they seem to work are still "third party" and will probably not be very stable...i tried all the third party ones that came out ... i never wanted to go nvidia but now that i did i am glad i did...but if i was still running 98 i would plop my voodoo back in...i loved that card


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