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Why is Steam so rubbish?!?!?


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I can't believe they haven't made any major improvements to cs1.6 since steam was first released last year or whenever that was.
I'm getting sick of the sh!t coz of the REALLY slow reaction. There's a delay of movements when you try to turn or strafe while you run. Not only that, buying weapons and equipment takes ages too. :mad: :mad:


try using buy scripts and turning your sensitivity up (sensitivity 13 if you really like it quick)

now stop whinging and get on with the game


I love english people using words like rubbish, it's so great! I miss England you guys rock! Cheers mate :-D


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I'll tell you why... its because CS is BS. Its an outdated game, and they've done all they can to improve it, but thats causing them to mess it up even more when they try add something special. Wait until Half Life 2 comes out and hope they make CS for that.
P.s did I mention that CS is BS, and is now pretty darn outdated?


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I also noticed on my laptop that movement seemed to be delayed or sticky kinda like you where running on ice. You would let go of the button yet keep moving for half a second. and 1.5 had run perfect I later found out that it was DX9 causing this. If you dont own a DX9 card don't upgrade. every system ive worked on that has a DX8 or lower card in it just has problems.


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Originally posted by Electronic Punk
1.6 wasn't available before steam
The changelog between 1.5 and 1.6 is enormous.

Steam had been out for ages. The first time I played on it was most probably just after christmas 2002. I can't remember exactly when it was but anyway...
Steam beta just came out in the past couple of months and there's no difference to the first release.

Krux: I've been really miffed at cs1.6 because I experience the same thing as you too. My guns won't stop firing until it's totally out of ammo. :mad:


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Steam is a good idea, but I don't see how it can work well. Like how the hell do you play CS at a lan party that has no outside internet connection to log into steam with to play the game? Its a great idea for internet-based gaming, but making a popular LAN Party game work only with outside internet authentication just doenst work when most larger LAN parties wouldnt have outside internet connections (or bandwidth if they havei internet)

And they took the bots out. Those bots were good.



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I actually saw them setting out the displays and making room for condition zero at my local EB games so it can't be tht far off


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It should have been out in May... then August... then September.. its looking like end of November over here for the eventual release

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