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Why File Sharing Will Save Hollywood, Music


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To hear some tell it, file sharing gutted the music industry by encouraging people to gorge themselves on free, illegal content. Indeed, unless Friday's landmark verdict against The Pirate Bay is overturned, four Swedes will spend a year in jail and owe millions of dollars to entertainment companies for operating a file sharing network.

Nonetheless, sites like The Pirate Bay taught — and continue to teach — valuable lessons to the content industry. Even as music labels and movie studios try to sue peer-to-peer networks out of existence, these same networks have been preparing music labels and movie studios for the emerging social-media world, in which sales form only a small slice of the revenue pie, and what really matters is who likes what, and who pays attention to them.



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this could make for an interesting thread - I'm watching with interest as the internet changes things - cannot help feeling we are due for a paradigm shift, but the phenomenoms like YouBoob and Farcebook scare me - they lock down the free world of the internet for commercial ends....


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This is why valve does so well with video game sales. They see the ease of file sharing and DRM free software and utilize that. People dont pirate because they are cheap, the pirate because its easy. For me it is a means of trying something 100% before I buy it, but not everybody does that.


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but the problem is when will THEY understand it? and until it is convenient for them to understand and slowly start to control all this, people will keep getting unfair punishments..
lets face it.. we need to be underground and it is going to stay that way as long as net neutrality exists..


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bah.. 4 months isn't too bad compared to some others :)

may as well pick up the conversation again anyway as the issue is still somewhat relevant..

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